Saginaw Switchyard-Food Truck Park



Food Truck Park Location:  Corner of Longhorn Drive and Knowles Dr. (South Willow Creek Park (Map)

Hours:  Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Switchyard Fees (effective October 1, 2022):  

Daily Truck Fee
$25.00 for Sunday through Thursday - unless a holiday or special event 
$40.00 for Friday, Saturday, holiday, or special event
Weekly Truck Fee
$135.00 Monday through Sunday
Monthly Truck Fee
$450.00 1st though 31st of the month

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Food Truck Permit Requirements:

  • Valid Tarrant County Health Permit
  • $250 yearly City permit
  • Site Plan depicting the location of the Mobile Food Unit on the site. (if applicable)
    • Mobile food units must be located on a paved surface
    • Mobile food units must be located within 500 feet of an existing permanent business with a CO.
    • Mobile food units shall not be located on a vacant lot.
  • Notarized acknowledgement and acceptance of rules for operation.
  • Property Owner’s written permission allowing the operation of the Mobile Food Unit. (if applicable)
  • Business Owner’s written permission allowing the use of public restroom. (if applicable)
  • Copy of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance that covers the mobile food unit.
  • Copy of Mobile Food Unit owner’s driver’s license, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance.
  • Copy of Texas Sales Tax Permit.
  • Copy of Tarrant County Health Department Mobile Unit Inspection report.
  • Copy of Tarrant County Health Department Food Handler Cards for the owner and employees.
  • Hold-harmless agreement (if located on city property)

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