Permit Forms

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Permits Forms

Commercial/Industrial Permits

Please submit completed application and 3 sets of legible plans drawn to scale.

Residential Permits

Please submit completed application and 1 set of legible plans drawn to scale.

  • Building New Construction (PDF) (include):
    • Completed application
    • Plot Plan
    • Foundation plan with engineer soil report
    • Shear wall detail
    • Frame plan (roof, floor, header, span charts, ceiling, etc)
    • Truss plan (full size, two story)
    • Energy Report
    • Electrical plan
    • Mechanical plan
    • Plumbing plan (including gas)
    • Construction plan (including elevation with exterior finish percentages, total living space square footage, and garage square footage)
  • Building Permit (PDF): (accessory, addition, remodel, carport, drive approach, foundation (new/repair), roof, patio cover, paving/parking, swimming pool, window replacement)
  • Electrical Permit (PDF)
  • Mechanical Permit (PDF)
  • Plumbing Permit (PDF)

Other Permits

Fire Department Permit - Saginaw Fire Department Plan Submittal Form (PDF)
Submit to: Fire Marshal, Bobby Davenport
Email Bobby Davenport

Tarrant County Public Health
Phone: 817-321-4960
Fax: 817-321-4961
1101 S. Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Right of Way Permit - ROW Permit Application (PDF)
Submit to: Dana Johnson
Email Dana Johnson

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