Economic Development

The Economic Development Department assists the citizens of Saginaw in shaping the city's future, based on a shared community vision. The department is responsible for:
  • Administering zoning regulations and changes
  • Assisting in zoning cases, Board of Adjustment cases, plats, development proposals, site plans, and all related requests
  • Coordinating historic preservation
  • Developing and implementing the Comprehensive Plan
  • Developing zoning ordinances
  • Platting subdivisions
Economic Development Director
The economic development director administrates the following areas:
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Economic and Industrial Development
  • Floodplain Administration
  • Planning and Zoning
This includes zoning cases, plats, development proposals, site plans, tax abatement, and reinvestment zones. Assistance to property owners, contractors, engineers, and developers is also provided.

For more Information
To contact the Economic Development Department, call (817) 230-0500 or email Mark White.