Do you have a website?

Photos of animals at the Adoption Center are posted daily. You can also find information about programs and services on this website.  For a complete list of Animal Control related ordinances, please see Municipal Code.

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1. Do you have a website?
2. What other services does Saginaw Animal Services offer?
3. What do I do about wildlife in and around my home?
4. Who do I call about stray animals?
5. Can I have any type of animal I want in Saginaw?
6. Does my cat/dog have to be registered with the City?
7. How do I find a rehabilitator in my area?
8. Is there a "pooper-scooper" law in Saginaw?
9. What do I do if I find baby bunnies?
10. What do I do if I find an animal hurt or sick? (bleeding, shivering, vomiting; was attacked by cat/dog?)
11. What should I do if I find an baby mammal that is not hurt or sick?