Notice to Users of City of Saginaw Public Wireless Network

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Wireless Network Terms of Use:

Your use of this Network is subject to these terms and conditions, to which you must agree by clicking the “I Agree” and the "Submit" buttons at the bottom of this notice. You agree that the Network is provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis. The City disclaims all responsibility and liability for the availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the Network. The City also reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue your access to the Network with or without notice at any time and without any liability to you.

When accessing the Internet through an unsecured wireless network there is the possibility that data sent to or from your wireless device is monitored, captured, or altered. The City of Saginaw wireless network is unsecured. The City cannot guarantee the safety of data transmitted across its wireless network.

The City assumes no responsibility for the configurations, security or changes to personal data files resulting from your connecting to the Recreation Center's network.

The City assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment; users must keep their equipment with them at all times.

City staff does not provide technical assistance. There is no guarantee that users will be able to make a wireless connection. Please note that the City cannot assist you with your laptop, network card or configuration. The City cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment.

In using this free Internet access, I agree and hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless, the Saginaw Recreation Center, its officers and employees, and any affiliate, from any damage that may result from use of this wireless access.

While using this wireless access, I acknowledge that I am subject to, and agree to abide by all laws, and all rules and regulations of the City of Saginaw, Tarrant County, the State of Texas, and the federal government that are applicable to Internet use. Examples of unacceptable uses include but are not limited to the following:

Attempting to crash, degrade performance, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems and networks.

Damaging equipment, software, or data belonging to the City or other users.
Using the Internet for malicious purposes such as intentionally propagating a virus.

Sending unsolicited advertising.

Operating an on-going business.

Attempting to gain or gaining access to another person's files or authorization codes.

Using another person's identification, bar code or pin number, with or without permission.

Using, disclosing, or disseminating personal identification information regarding minors without parental permission.

Displaying obscene material, child pornography, or sexual content that might be harmful to minors.

Harassing other users with messages, prints, or images.

Libeling, slandering, or maliciously offending other users.

Violating copyright laws or software licensing agreements.

Violating federal, state, or local laws, regulations, or ordinance.

Breach of these Terms of Use: If you breach any provision of these Terms of Use, damage this Network, modify or attempt to modify any software program used by this Network, or subvert or attempt to subvert any security devices that the City has installed for this Network, then the City may terminate your right to use any of the Recreation Center's Networks, or suspend your City privileges generally, or both, for such length of time as the City considers appropriate. In addition, your breach, damage, modifications or security subversion may result in civil or criminal proceedings being commenced against you. The City reserves the right, but shall have no obligation, to investigate your use of the Network in order to determine whether a violation of these Terms of Use has occurred or to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request.

By clicking the “I Agree” and the "Submit" buttons below, you indicate your agreement to the terms of use listed above.