Citizen Bond Committee

Specific Charge to the Citizen Bond Committee

Each member of the City Council appointed two members of the Committee for a total of 14 Committee members. The Committee appointed a chair from among the members of the Committee. All members served without compensation at the pleasure of the Council and may be removed or replaced at the discretion of the Council. The following individuals are appointed to serve as members of the Committee:

  • The Committee will study facilities, infrastructure and technology needs of the City necessary to further service excellence
  • The Committee has the authority to recommend to the City Council an election regarding the issuance of bonds to meet the identified facility infrastructure and technology needs
  • The Committee has the authority to recommend no bond election
  • The Committee has the authority to make recommendations as to which needs should be financed, thus determining the relative size of the bond issue
  • The Committee has the authority to make other recommendations as appropriate to its purpose

The Committee Members

  • Travis Albritton, Chairperson
  • Kathryn Johnson
  • Pat Shelton
  • Jane North Lyon
  • Rick Russell
  • Brack St. Clair
  • Tim Miller
  • Siobhan Lilley
  • Stephen Watson
  • Don Cromwell
  • David Jones
  • Monica Dixon

The Citizens Bond Committee:

  1. Received expert testimony and recommendations;
  2. Toured sites of potential projects; and
  3. Researched and analyzed needs of the city
Thank you

Parameters and Structure

The Committee reports directly to the City Council and serves in an advisory capacity to the Council.

  • All recommendations will be made by consensus of the entire Committee
  • Recommendations are to reflect a citywide perspective – what is good for all Saginaw residents, not a specific neighborhood or area of interest
  • Equity of facilities and equipment to meet city needs will be considered
  • Although specific items and categories will be discussed and evaluated by the Committee, the exact wording, timing and packaging of any recommendations which go to the voters will be the final decision of the City Council


To determine from identified needs and projects, which would have a reasonable chance of successful approval by the community and should appropriately be considered for a 2020 bond election.

The CHARGE TO THE COMMITTEE is to study three (3) categories of needs:

  1. Essential to maintain current operations and expectations;
  2. Necessary for expected population or program growth; and
  3. Important for enhancing excellence in programs and expectations of quality and/or aesthetics;

to continue the City’s progress in the 21st Century through a proposed bond program which could successfully be presented to citizens in late-November 2020. Final recommendations will be established from a consensus of the committee.