Small Business Tips

  • Stay Positive!
  • Stay Relevant
  • Be Flexible:  Small Business must be ready to evolve.  Consider curbside and deliver as a must, no matter what type of business.
  • Focus on Customer Service
  • Work on Back Burner Projects
  • Continue Marketing:  Here are some tools to run your business—even when it’s not business as usual. There are a several sites that you can use to help with e-commerce. Here are a few:
  • Optimize Your Digital Spaces (Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...):  Small businesses must discover ways to interact with consumers and create unique experiences online. This is more than simply having a website listing products and services. Bottom line, small businesses must connect with their consumers.
    • Increase your social media activity
    • keep your customers informed - communicate clearly and often
    • engage with customers via email
    • make sure your business can be found online
    • prepare for the bounce back surge
    • be prepared to pivot quickly
    • pay per click (ppl) advertising makes sense right now