Saginaw Switchyard-Food Truck Park

The City of Saginaw opened The Switchyard Food Truck Park in 2020. The Switchyard has grown from the ground up to be an immensely successful place for Saginaw patrons and those outside the city to enjoy. We kindly ask you stop by the southern end of Knowles Drive near the tennis courts to both support these food trucks. 

Food Truck Park Location:  Corner of Longhorn Drive and Knowles Dr. (South Willow Creek Park (Map)

Hours:  Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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Food Truck Permit Requirements:

  • Valid Tarrant County Health Permit
  • $250 yearly City permit
  • Site Plan depicting the location of the Mobile Food Unit on the site. (if applicable)
    • Mobile food units must be located on a paved surface
    • Mobile food units must be located within 500 feet of an existing permanent business with a CO.
    • Mobile food units shall not be located on a vacant lot.
  • Notarized acknowledgement and acceptance of rules for operation.
  • Property Owner’s written permission allowing the operation of the Mobile Food Unit. (if applicable)
  • Business Owner’s written permission allowing the use of public restroom. (if applicable)
  • Copy of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance that covers the mobile food unit.
  • Copy of Mobile Food Unit owner’s driver’s license, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance.
  • Copy of Texas Sales Tax Permit.
  • Copy of Tarrant County Health Department Mobile Unit Inspection report.
  • Copy of Tarrant County Health Department Food Handler Cards for the owner and employees.
  • Hold-harmless agreement (if located on city property)

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