Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Members will participate in informational sessions (similar to the Citizens Police Academy) and also get a general overview of the city’s operations. Some areas of discussion will include recruiting and hiring qualified and diverse applicants in all departments and exploring outreach efforts for residents who may not be native English speakers. The Committee shall be composed of residents and/or employees of businesses located within the city limits. Local clergy are encouraged to become involved. The Committee will meet quarterly and report to the Council twice a year or more frequent if necessary and there is a commitment of 1 year from members


Committee Members

MemberPositionTerm Expiration Date
Kristen NelsonMember 1January 2024
India BastienMember 2January 2023
Ally SurfaceMember 3January 2024
Kelly Stewart  Member 4January 2023
Sal AdamskiMember 5January 2024
Larry Scheid   Member 6January 2023
Ron BrooksMember  7January 2024
Kelly GloverMember  8January 2023
J. Darren CrumptonMember 9January 2024
Stephen Drake Member 10January 2023
Ronnie Mills  Member 11January 2024
Philip AllenMember 12January 2023
Jamie Wyche   Member 13January 2024
LaTanya FranklinMember 14January 2023
Carmen Drake Member 15January 2024
Crystal AmadorMember 16January 2023
Clarence JacobsMember 17January 2024

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