Urban Coyotes

As Texas residents expand their homes and businesses, encounters with wildlife and people is increasing. Coyotes are part of the wildlife being seen in Pearland. Residents who live close to parks, fields, golf courses or any other area with open, uninhabited areas close by, should be aware that wildlife does exist in those areas and pets should not be unattended, even in fenced yards. We need to inform and empower people to take steps to coexist with coyotes and other urban wildlife.

There are some common sense precautions people can take to manage coyotes:

  • Do not feed coyotes! Keep pet food and water inside. Keep garbage securely stored, especially if it has to be put on the curb for collection; use tight-locking or bungee-cord-wrapped trashcans that are not easily opened.
  • Keep pets inside, confined securely in a kennel or covered exercise yard, or within the close presence of an adult.
  • Walk pets on a leash and accompany them outside, especially at night.
  • Do not feed wildlife on the ground; keep wild bird seed in feeders designed for birds elevated or hanging above ground, and clean up spilled seed from the ground; coyotes can either be drawn directly to the seed, or to the rodents drawn to the seed.

View more information on coyotes from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.