Scenes from the Roads Less Traveled

Your Economic Development Department staff has created a new feature for our residents and business owners to look at some scenes of Saginaw TX seen on the roads less traveled. This new section recognizes businesses in our "Light Industrial" and "Heavy Industrial" Zoning Districts that our citizenry might not know anything about or know that it even existed…basically recognizing our “forgotten” businesses.

Ventura Foods LLC

DID YOU KNOW:  Ventura Foods is a leading foodservice company that excels in providing food solutions that exceed customers’ expectations for great-tasting flavors and high-quality ingredients. Our products are proudly served on the menus of restaurants and shelves of major retailers across North America, and in more than 60 other countries around the world.

Headquartered in Brea, California, Ventura Foods has offices in Singapore, Canada, Mexico and Saginaw Texas, as well as 14 manufacturing plants, three culinary centers and numerous distribution facilities. Some of the Ventura Food selected brands are Mel-Fry, Hidden Valley, Classic Gourmet, Sun Glow and Sauce Craft.

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Universal Forest Products (UFP Industrial) 

  • Address: 444 Sansom Blvd, Saginaw, TX 76179 (map)
  • Phone: (817) 232-8161
  • Website: 

DID YOU KNOW: Universal Forest Products is the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products to retail/dealer, site-built construction, manufactured housing and industrial markets. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Universal is a multi-billion-dollar corporation that is publicly traded (NASDAQ: UFPI) with approximately 6,000 employees who work in approximately 70 facilities across North America. Universal is the leading producer of pressure-treated wood and North America’s largest manufacturer of engineered roof systems for manufactured housing and site-built construction. The company is America’s leading buyer of solid-sawn lumber and the largest customer of North America’s largest mills. That translates into exceptional purchasing power, which is just one of the many benefits Universal customers enjoy.

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Editor’s Note: While on my time off during the Christmas Holidays, I was performing a few “honey-do’s” which involved building something with wood. So, I drove to my local Home Depot. After measuring and marking, I began to cut wood and noticed a sticker on the wood. See photo above.… It was very cool to see something from our little community out in the world.

DFW Plastics

DID YOU KNOW: DFW Plastics is a single source manufacturer for polymer underground enclosures in North America. Established in 1978, DFW Plastics stands above the rest as specialists in polymer underground enclosures for the waterworks, irrigation, plumbing, and utility industries. As manufacturing professionals, we focus on continual quality improvements and innovations, providing the highest quality products in the market. As an established leader in the underground enclosure industry, we utilize our years of experience, sound reputation, solid infrastructure, outstanding sales force, and an entrepreneurial spirit to preserve our premier status.

DFW Plastics

DFW Plastics has been a trusted supplier to our customers throughout the world, providing quality and dependable products and service for over 40 years. Our employees take pride in this history and strive to remain in the forefront of customer satisfaction and manufacturing excellence. Every employee is charged with upholding the standards of quality and service that has propelled DFW Plastics as a leader in the underground enclosure industry.

DFW Plastics’ corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Saginaw, Texas. We continue to make capital investments to our facilities to support our dedication to manufacturing excellence, keeping up with increasing demands that meet and exceed the current and future needs of our customers.

Bana Box Inc.

DID YOU KNOW: Never run out of boxes again. We design, manufacture, and distribute custom packaging and deliver it within minutes to your facility. Bana Box’s sophisticated technology platform integrates with your production, IT, and purchasing to make sure you always have the boxes you want, when you want them, without storing any inventory on your location. The result is that you’re always up and running and never overpay. Imagine if a company with the technical sophistication of Tesla and the customer service of Chick-Fil-A joined forces to ensure you always had the boxes you need…without fail. That’s Bana Box.

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Looking for a team of people who will bend over backwards, jump through hoops, turn on the jets, and do whatever the heck it takes to help you win? You’re looking at them. Need an example? We once built an entirely new facility to better support a single client. We’re willing to do the same for you.

Miller Milling 

DID YOU KNOW: At Miller Milling, wheat is an ingredient. Not a commodity. We may be one of the top four milling operations in the U.S. (and we are). But we don’t let that get in the way of treating your company like it’s our own. Because your individual needs matter. We define ourselves by our mission. It’s simple: to provide our customers with safe, high-quality grain-based products. More than that, our goal is to back up what we produce with exceptional service, carried out by exceptional, engaged people. Miller Milling will work with you to find solutions — including flours — that fit your business. In January 2019, we expanded production capacity of the mill in Saginaw, Texas, by 70% in preparation for a growing local market. 

MIller Milling 113022

No matter what you use your ovens and mixers for, we want to be involved. Miller Milling proudly works with a wide variety of clients in all corners of the service industry. What can we help you make?

Livestock Nutrition Center

  • ADDRESS:  500 Burlington Rd, Saginaw, TX 76179
  • PHONE: (817) 232-8161

DID YOU KNOW: Better Feed. Better Results. Since we were founded in 1998, those four words have been our promise. We have always been looking for a better way to serve livestock producers. We seek to understand what better means to you and target a nutrition program for your livestock to meet those needs. With 20 locations serving the South-Central United States, we have the resources of a large company with the values and hard-working attitude of a small, local company.  We exist to serve livestock producers by maximizing the value of their nutritional investment.

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2nd Chance Pallets, LLC

  • ADDRESS:  213 E McLeroy Blvd, Saginaw, TX 76179
  • PHONE: (817) 847-8005

DID YOU KNOW: We are a complete pallet and crate management company that uses ingenuity, creativity, and a hard work ethic to deliver the finest products to our clients. Our name "2nd Chance" has a double meaning. For the recycled side of our business, it is giving the wood a 2nd chance to keep out of the thousands of acres of landfill. More importantly, our name is about the people. Its giving well deserving, hardworking individuals a 2nd chance to do something great with their lives.  We highly value giving people a 2nd Chance. We highly value our relationships and are extremely committed to those within our client base.

2nd Chance Pallets

Troxell Trailer Mfg. 

DID YOU KNOW:   Troxell Trailer Mfg. is a family-owned business located in Saginaw, TX.  They have many ties to the industry and the local community.  They have continued to grow throughout the years from one small shop to multiple buildings with over 80,000 square feet under roof and over 5 acres of property.

Troxell Trailer Mfg. builds one of the industry’s most sought-after vacuum trailers. Their innovative designs include rear entry walkways with stairs, large scrubber drains with the plumbing extended to drain near the landing gear, spiral pipe barrels on some models, the Ultra-Lite steel trailers, and more.

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Fleet Pride

  • Address: 1120 South Blue Mound Road
  • Phone: (817) 625-5244
  • Website:

DID YOU KNOW:  Welcome to FleetPride Saginaw, where our expert counter associates are ready to assist you with your heavy-duty truck and trailer parts needs. Located at 1120 South Blue Mound Road, your Saginaw FleetPride branch is one of over 300+ locations in the United States. As the largest independent all-makes heavy-duty distributor, we combine our local expertise with our national footprint and expansive inventory of over half a million online truck and trailer parts to provide you with the right solutions to keep you Ready for the Road Ahead™.

Fleet Pride 101722

Fleet Pride is ALSO a new business to Saginaw Texas. Welcome to our great community!


  • Address: 400 Minton Rd, Saginaw, TX 76179 (map)
  • Phone: (817) 232-3658
  • Website:  Click here

DID YOU KNOW:  Based in Stone Mountain, GA, WinCup is a leading manufacturer of disposable polystyrene cups, bowls, containers, straws and lids. The company’s eight manufacturing locations are committed to high-quality products and guaranteeing superior customer service. WinCup has a significant presence in Foodservice, including both institutional and retail arenas; from mass merchandisers to convenience stores and quick service restaurants. Further up the supply chain, we also cater to specialty OEM/food processor clients.

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Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions

DID YOU KNOW:  We specialize in providing cost-effective paving, preservation, maintenance and recycling solutions designed to maintain functional roads. As one of the largest asphalt marketers in North America, Ergon not only markets liquid paving asphalts but also manufactures and markets a wide variety of advanced asphalt and emulsion products.

Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions 092122a

Norco Corporation

DID YOU KNOW: Norco has grown into a nationwide carrier operating a large fleet of refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, dry vans, and Intermodal equipment. At Norco, we have the resources and experience to serve any of your transportation or logistics needs and we strive to exceed your service expectations every day.

Norco 092122a