Marketing and Business Attraction

Why It Matters to the Local Economy

Today's businesses can locate anywhere - but they'll only come to your community if they know about it, and if the community has what they need. Marketing and business attraction is about more than just selling business sites, or attracting businesses, it's a means of promoting the community as a viable location for economic activity.

There are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of other communities competing for any one new business investment. To attract new businesses, a community must target its marketing and attraction efforts based on what is available to meet the clients needs.

Attracting New Businesses to a Community Requires...

  • Knowing the community's assets and strengths (infrastructure, living costs, tax rates, etc.)
  • Knowing what industries are the best prospects for the community.
  • Crafting a community's marketing message and providing accurate information to potential investors.
  • Communicating an effective message that reaches the target audience (site selection professionals and companies looking to move or expand).
  • Undertaking strategic improvements that will make the community a more appealing location for investment.

How Does Marketing and Business Attraction Benefit a Community?

Builds and diversifies the local economy with new firms.

Brings in new investment and revenues, expanding the tax base.

Increases the number and type of jobs available to residents.

Spurs investment in community assets, improving the quality of life.