Permit Forms

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Permits Forms

Commercial/Industrial Permits

Please submit completed application and 3 sets of legible plans drawn to scale.  We do not review plans marked "not for construction".

Residential Permits

Please submit completed application and 1 set of legible plans drawn to scale. We do not review plans marked "not for construction".

  • Building New Construction (PDF) (include):
    • Completed application
    • Plot Plan
    • Foundation plan with engineer soil report
    • Shear wall detail
    • Frame plan (roof, floor, header, span charts, ceiling, etc)
    • Truss plan (full size, two story)
    • Energy Report
    • Electrical plan
    • Mechanical plan
    • Plumbing plan (including gas)
    • Construction plan (including elevation with exterior finish percentages, total living space square footage, and garage square footage)
  • Building Permit (PDF): (accessory, addition, remodel, carport, drive approach, foundation (new/repair), roof, patio cover, paving/parking, swimming pool, window replacement)
  • Electrical Permit (PDF)
  • Mechanical Permit (PDF)
  • Plumbing Permit (PDF)

Garbage & Recycling Franchise:

The City of Saginaw contracts exclusively with Waste Connections (formerly Progressive Waste) for all commercial and residential solid waste collection, and residential curbside recycling. For large-scale projects commercial, industrial and residential customers can contact Waste Connections to have roll-off containers delivered on site. Waste Connections is the only commercial solid waste hauler permitted to operate within the Saginaw city limits. For more information about the company or to order a roll-off please visit their website or call Waste Connections at 817-222-2221.

Other Permits

Fire Department Permit - Saginaw Fire Department Plan Submittal Form (PDF)

  • Questions: Contact Fire Division Chief Eddy Wood at either Email and phone 817-230-0404.
  • All fire related plans shall be submitted according to the fire plan submittal form and turned into the building department which is now located at 301 South Saginaw Blvd. Once approved, your permit and or comments will be picked up at the same office.

Tarrant County Public Health
Phone: 817-321-4960
Fax: 817-321-4961
1101 S. Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Small Cell Node/Support Poles Permit - Application (PDF)
Submit to: Rick Trice

Right of Way Permit - ROW Permit Application (PDF)
Submit to: Dana Johnson
Email Dana Johnson