Code of Ordinances

Codified Approved Code of Ordinances Prior to 2019 - (View the Ordinances)

  • City of SAGINAW, TEXAS Codified through Ordinance No. 2018-23, adopted December 18, 2018. (Supp. No. 22)

Approved Saginaw City Code of Ordinances

The Saginaw City Code is updated annually in February of each year. The ordinances approved in 2019 are included in the most recent update to our code of ordinances. However until that time that we update our code of ordinances, you may view the recently approved ordinances and the previously codified approved ordinances by clicking the links below:

Approved Code of Ordinances in 2019

  1. Ordinance 2019-01 Calling Special Election - Reauthorization of Street Maint Sales Tax
  2. Ordinance 2019-02 Calling Special Election - Charter Amendments
  3. Ordinance 2019-03 Smoking in Public Places Prohibited
  4. Ordinance 2019-04 Amending 2019-02 revising non-substantive errors in certain amendments
  5. Ordinance 2019-05 Quitclaim Deed Abandoning a 10 wide portion of 15 utility easement under a bldg encroachment to CVS Investments LLC
  6. Ordinance 2019-06 Updated Water Conservation Plan and Drought Contingency Emergency Water Mgmt Plan
  7. Ordinance 2019-07 Zoning--The Square Planned Development (2)
  8. Ordinance 2019-08 Continuation of Curfew for Minors
  9. Ordinance 2019-10 Canvassing Charter Amendment Election
  10. Ordinance 2019-11 Adopting Strategic Plan 2018-2033
  11. Ordinance 2019-12 Amending Zoning Ord., requiring SUP for all schools
  12. Ordinance 2019-13 Issuance and Sale of Limited Tax Note, Series 2019
  13. Ordinance 2019-13 Tax Note Issuance
  14. Ordinance 2019-14 Approving Negotiated Settlement between ACSC and Atmos
  15. Ordinance 2019-15 Rezoning--Northeast Corner of Knowles and McLeroy
  16. Ordinance 2019-16 SUP--Skilled Nursing Facility (Nursing Home) (corner of NE corner of McLeroy and Knowles)
  17. Ordinance 2019-17 Setting Tax Rate
  18. Ordinance 2019-18 Water Rates
  19. Ordinance 2019-19 Amending Master Fee Schedule
  20. Ordinance 2019-20 Rezoning--Southeast Corner of Bailey Boswell and Blue Mound Rd
  21. Ordinance 2019-21 Regulating Use of City Logo and City Seal
  22. Ordinance 2019-22 Overlay District (Saginaw Blvd.)
  23. Ordinance 2019-23 Refunding Bonds
  24. Ordinance 2019-24 SUP-Mini Warehouse Facility North of 700 Blk of W. Bailey Boswell Rd
  25. Ordinance No. 2019-09

Approved Code of Ordinances in 2020