NEW Ten on Tuesday (Reverse Litter)

Ten on Tuesday Reverse Litter in Saginaw Pick up 10 pieces of trash every Tuesday

A new tradition in Saginaw: Ten on Tuesday encourages businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to reverse litter by picking up 10 pieces of trash and recyclable materials each Tuesday.

It's simple – every Tuesday pick up 10 pieces of litter and chunk them in the trash or toss them into a recycling bin. Pick up 10 at a time, 2 at a time or go the extra mile and pick up even more. In fact, don't feel limited to just pick up on Tuesday!

  • Ask your friends to pick up 10 pieces of litter
  • Encourage your colleagues to participate by creating a challenge program at your workplace
  • Create a new family tradition
  • Celebrate your sports victories by having each member of the winning team pick up 10 pieces of litter

Saginaw Texas, are you up for the challenge? For more information, read our document (PDF).