October 18, 2016


Meeting, Public Hearing and/or Executive Session Agenda 
6:00 p.m. - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In accordance with Section 551.042 of the Texas Government Code, this agenda has been posted at Saginaw City Hall, and distributed to the appropriate news media within the required time frame. All meetings of the Saginaw City Council are open to the public. Public participation and written comments are invited on all open session business items.

The Mayor and City Council request that all cell phones and pagers be turned off or set to vibrate. Members of the audience are requested to step outside to respond to a page or to conduct a phone conversation.

The City Hall is wheelchair accessible and special parking is available on the east side of the building. If special accommodations are required please contact the City Secretary a minimum of 72 hours in advance at 817-232-4640. 

(1) Call to Order - Mayor, Gary Brinkley 
  • Pledge of Allegiance to the United States
  • Pledge of Allegiance to the State of Texas
    • “Honor the Texas Flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, One State under God, One and indivisible”
(2) Invocation - 
Reverend Valendy, Saginaw United Methodist Church

(3) Audience Participation - On Video Screen

(4) Consent Agenda - All items listed with lower case letters are part of the consent agenda. Public hearing and review are held collectively unless opposition is presented, in which the contested item will be heard separately.

(a) CC-1016-01:  Action regarding Minutes, September 20, 2016 - Mayor, Gary Brinkley
(b) CC-1016-02:  Action regarding Tarrant County Fire Alarm Center Contract, October 1, 2016-September 30, 2017 - Fire Chief, Doug Spears
(c) CC-1016-03:  Action regarding Resolution No. 2016-15, Acceptance of Department of Homeland Security Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Equipment Grant for Saginaw-Northwest Emergency Response Organization (NERO) USAR Enhancements - Fire Chief, Doug Spears
(d) CC-1016-04:  Action regarding Interlocal Agreement with Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District for School Resource Officers for Saginaw High School, Highland Middle School, and Wayside Middle School; and School Crossing Guards at the intersection of Old Decatur Road and Park Center Boulevard, Saginaw Elementary, and High Country Elementary - Police Chief, Roger Macon
(e) CC-1016-05:  Action regarding Renewal of Interlocal Agreement with Tarrant County for Bailey Boswell Bridge Project (Court Order No. 117448) - Asst. City Manager, Dolph Johnson
(f) CC-1016-06:  Action regarding Purchase of Vehicle for Code Enforcement Department through State of Texas CO-OP Purchasing Program - Director of Public Works, Mark White
(g) CC-1016-07:  Action regarding recommendation from Beautification Committee and Advisory Recreation and Parks Board to purchase the first phase of a drive by Christmas Light Display to be placed on the north end of Willow Creek Park through Buy Board Cooperative Purchasing Agreement - Director of Public Works, Mark White
(h) CC-1016-08:  Action regarding recommendation from Beautification Committee to approval a proposal from Peterson’s Landscape and Maintenance Services to replace the existing landscape border at the Welcome/Entry Sign (intersection of Longhorn/Industrial and Saginaw Boulevard) - Director of Recreation, Keith Rinehart

(5) CC-1016-09:  Public Hearing – Consideration and Action regarding recommendation from Planning and Zoning Commission regarding a request for approval of a Specific Use Permit to allow the sale of used automobiles and trucks (used auto sales business) on the property zoned Community Commercial (CC) located at 201 N. Saginaw Blvd. - Moses Alvarez, M A Truck Center

(6) CC-1016-10:  Public Hearing – Consideration and Action regarding recommendation from Planning and Zoning Commission regarding request for approval to amend the 2016 Comprehensive Master Plan from Community Commercial (CC) to Heavy Industrial (HI) and to a change in zoning from Community Commercial (CC) to Heavy Industrial (HI) on property located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Blue Mound Road and East McLeroy Boulevard, being approximately 5.85 acres of land located in the David Cook Survey, Abstract 345,Tracts 2I1, 2F1, and 2G2 (1150 East McLeroy Boulevard) - Krishna Nemani, ICON Texas Development LLC

(7) CC-1016-11:  Public Hearing – Consideration and Action regarding recommendation from Planning and Zoning Commission regarding request for approval to amend the 2016 Comprehensive Master Plan from Single Family (SF1) to Single Family (SF3) and to a change in zoning from Agriculture (AG) to Single Family (SF3) on property located south of the 500-700 block of East Bailey Boswell Road and north of the Heather Ridge Estates Addition (500-600 block of Condor Trail), being approximately 79.66 acres of land out of Abstract 1801, E. Meredith Survey and Abstract 1408, D. Strickland Survey, and a portion of the Edgar Kerr Subdivision - Nicholas J. Powell & Travis Clegg, Peloton Land Solutions

(8) CC-1016-12:  Consideration and Action regarding a Development Agreement with D.R. Horton Texas, Ltd. governing public infrastructure installation, land dedication and other development matters associated with property described as 29.308 acres of land situated in the E. Meredith Survey, Abstract 1081 and the D. Strickland Survey, Abstract 1408, Saginaw, Tarrant County, Texas - Nicholas J. Powell & Trais Clegg, Peloton Land Solutions

(9) CC-1016-13:  Consideration and Action regarding recommendation from Planning and Zoning Commission regarding request for approval of a Final Plat for Basswood Crossing, Phase 1, being 29.308 acres of land situated in the E. Meredith Survey, Abstract 1081 and the D. Strickland Survey, Abstract 1408 (75 Single Family lots, and 1 Neighborhood Commercial lot) - Nicholas J. Powell & Travis Clegg, Peloton Land Solutions

(10) Executive Session:

1. § 551.071. Texas Government Code. Consultation with Attorney. The City Council may convene in executive session to conduct a private consultation with its attorney on any legally posted agenda item, when the City Council seeks the advice of its attorney about pending or contemplated litigation, a settlement offer, or on a matter in which the duty of the attorney to the governmental body under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the provisions of Chapter 551, including the following items:

a. Any Posted Item
b. Agenda Items 8 and 9

2. § 551.072. Texas Government Code. Deliberation regarding Real Property. The City Council may convene in executive session to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property if deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the city in negotiations with a third person, including the following matters:

a. Park Land Acquisition

(11) Adjournment - Mayor, Gary Brinkley