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Animal Services

  1. Lost & Found Animal/Pet Form

    If you have lost a pet, check with Saginaw Animal Services. We highly recommend that you visit our shelter in person every few days to... More…


  1. Public Art Application Form
  1. Saginaw Business Beautification Nomination Form

    Now is your chance to recognize a local Saginaw Business for enhancing their appearance and beautifying our great community. The... More…

Citizen Board Applications

  1. Citizen Board of Interest Application

    The City of Saginaw is seeking interested persons willing to serve on various boards and committees. These boards/committees were... More…

Economic Development

  1. Building Improvement Grant Application

    Contact: Keith C. Rinehart, Director of Community & Economic Development, 817-230-0331,

  2. Contact/Information Request
  3. Saginaw Business Spotlight Application

    The Saginaw Business Spotlight is a NEW feature that will appear in social media, newsletters (City and Economic Development), and our... More…

  1. Contact Us
  2. Economic Development Building Information Request

Human Resources

  1. Employee Culture and Values Survey
  2. Employment Application

    INSTRUCTIONS: Read carefully and print all information. Completion of this form is voluntary. Failure on your part to furnish all or... More…

  1. Employee Recognition

    When you have experienced service from the City of Saginaw that you feel is worthy of commendation, we would like to hear about it.... More…

  2. Police Employment Application


  1. Vehicle Maintenance Request
  2. Website Update Request Form

    Website Update Request Form

  1. Vehicle/Building Maintenance Request Form

    Vehicle or Building Maintenance Work Order Request Form


  1. Garage Gab!

    Would you love an update on city business in an informal setting? Then our “Garage Gab” is just for you! City Manager Gabe Reaume... More…

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Request