Saginaw Employee Survey Results

In November 2023, 88% of our city employees participated in a Staff Point of View Survey. The survey results identified strengths and weaknesses in several categories. Mayor Todd Flippo suggested we form a subcommittee to follow up and further examine the feedback received.

In December 2024, 14 employees and 3 City Council members came together in the first of a series of meetings with the goal in mind of finding solutions for improving policies, processes, issues, and relations. The subcommittee was tasked with identifying solutions to make the City of Saginaw a more efficient, fair, enjoyable, and rewarding place to work.

The slide presentation details the process, discussion categories, and suggested solutions presented to the City Council on April 2nd. Several solutions have already been implemented such as, a standing Council agenda item for employee recognition, an employee suggestion program, and an employee development form to help establish career paths. Also in progress is a periodic policy review, and a market competitiveness pay analysis. Staff will be working on many more improvements over the coming months.

Thank you to our employees and City Council members for working on this important project!

  • Mary Copeland
  • Kristi Haney
  • Melanie McManus
  • Vickie Weldon
  • Janice England
  • Kelly Henderson
  • Larry Little
  • Jose Wheeland
  • Elmira Everett
  • Lee Howell
  • Austin Pittman
  • Paul Felegy
  • Brady Jones
  • Coty Pruit
  • Jennifer Garrett
  • Valerie Junkersfeld
  • Corey Smith